‘Devil’s Triangle’ myth has been debunked: Report

After Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) asked for clarification of the term “Devil’s Triangle,” which he reportedly found etched in the yearbook that Supreme Court hopeful Brett Kavanaugh put forward as evidence against allegations of sexual assault lodged against him by Christine Blasey Ford, Kavanaugh told the senator that it was a simple drinking game.

But while some have maintained that the term refers to a sexual act, the classmate of Kavanaugh who coined the term has now come forward to corroborate the nominee’s assertion that “Devil’s Triangle,” is, in fact, a drinking game.

Teenagers and quarters

In response to Whitehouse’s question, Kavanaugh asked if the senator had “ever played quarters” before asserting that the term “Devil’s Triangle” in his high school yearbook referred to a drinking game.

Other terms from Kavanaugh’s yearbook scrutinized by Democrats included some to describe other methods of drinking, flatulence, and outright stupid acts — all less than surprising coming from teenage boys.

But none of that makes Kavanaugh a rapist.

According to Bernard McCarthy, the phrase “Devil’s Triangle” referred to a drinking game the boys made up when they were in high school.

In fact, a yearbook photo gives credit to McCarthy, who came forward to explain the game and its name, for being the originator of the term.

What it really means

According to McCarthy, in a normal version of quarters, a player tries to sink a quarter in a shot glass.

But in Kavanaugh’s classmates’ version of the game, three shot glasses were placed on the table.

According to McCarthy, if the shooter sank the quarter, the person closest to the glass had to drink it.

More importantly than explaining the game itself, McCarthy also stated that in no way did “Devil’s Triangle” refer to any type of sexual exploits.

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Yet another myth perpetrated by Democrats has crashed and burned.

It is time to end this farce and vote Kavanaugh through so he can take his rightful place on the Supreme Court.

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