Detective suspended for investigating 9 babies' deaths now tells her story

 May 29, 2024

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

A detective who was suspended for investigating the deaths of nine babies, apparently from SIDS, after their mothers took the experimental COVID shots, now is telling her story of the coverup she's battled.

While the COVID shots were developed in a rush and mandated without testing by the government and many corporations, they now are known to cause side effects up to and including death – largely from heart ailments.

A report in Revolver confirms that the detective, Helen Grus, soon is going before a police tribunal to tell the story behind the story about what happened to her:

After noticing the alarming sequence of events that developed, mothers took the experimental shots and shortly later their babies died, she tried to investigate.

She tried to access the health records, and during the course of her work, which her superiors apparently didn't support, she contacted one of the babies' fathers.

The family then filed a complaint, and Grus was suspended. The city of Ottawa, Canada, a short time ago reached a settlement with the family over their claims of privacy violations.

The Revolver report explained, "Chances are, if you’ve been keeping tabs on the COVID 'coverup,' you’ve come across this story that began to unfold in 2022. There was a sudden spike in SIDS cases in Ottawa, Canada, where nine babies died shortly after their mothers received the vaccine. One detective, named Helen Grus, took it upon herself to investigate these incidents. Yet, simply for doing her job and delving into the vaccine’s possible role, she found herself suspended and vilified."

The connections between vaccinations and SIDS, or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, earlier had been documented.

The report said Grus now is to be sharing her story, "exposing the depths of the biased and dystopian 'jab coverup.' Why on earth wouldn’t we want to uncover any potential harm caused by this vaccine? When did people become such mindless, spineless jellyfish that they take the government’s word as gospel? It’s alarming to witness this transformation, especially at a time when our government and so-called 'experts' are so widely distrusted and disliked."

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