Investigative detective for DA Bragg's office suspended over 'interactions' with former Trump attorney Cohen

June 7, 2023
Ben Marquis

Former President Donald Trump was criminally indicted by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg for alleged falsification of business records related to his reimbursement of former personal attorney Michael Cohen for the 2016 "hush money" payments made to purchase the silence of two women claiming prior affairs with Trump.

Now comes word that DA Bragg was compelled to suspend a detective working with his office over that individual's unclear connections to and "interactions" with Cohen, according to the Conservative Brief.

Cohen, who previously pleaded guilty to federal charges related to those payments, has reportedly been a cooperating witness with the Manhattan DA's office in the effort to prosecute his former employer.

DA's investigator suspended

The New York Post reported last week that Jeremy Rosenberg, a "supervising detective" with the Manhattan DA's office who primarily assists with financial crimes, was suspended and had his gun taken away from him due to his interactions with Cohen, according to unnamed law enforcement sources.

Those sources further revealed that DA Bragg's office is now looking into "how Rosenberg shared communications about Cohen with the office."

A spokeswoman for the DA's office appeared to confirm the suspension, albeit without naming names, and said in a statement that "The office is conducting a review of an investigator’s compliance with internal office protocols."

It is unclear exactly what sort of "contact" and "interactions" there may have been between Rosenberg and Cohen that resulted in the apparent need to suspend the detective.

However, Cohen's defense attorney, Lanny Davis, said in a statement, "The interactions between Mr. Rosenberg, Michael Cohen, and myself were always professional and focused on Mr. Cohen’s personal security, which we appreciated."

Suspension may not impact case, but Trump's lawyers will want to know more

The Post further reported that former Manhattan prosecutor turned defense attorney Mark Bederow explained that while the suspension of Rosenberg may not have much, if any, impact on the case against former President Trump, whatever led to it was likely pertinent information that Trump's defense team would want to know about.

"It might not affect the case, but certainly from a defense standpoint they would want to know what’s the nature of their relationship," the attorney said. "What did they talk about and did this detective investigator have anything that fits the form of a disclosure to the defense."

The outlet also noted that Rosenberg, in addition to his apparent connection to the Trump prosecution via Cohen, was also involved in the Manhattan DA office's prior prosecution of former Trump advisor Steve Bannon -- who was later pardoned by Trump -- over his role in a purported scam to raise more than $15 million in funds from donors to construct a portion of the border wall.

Trump responds to reported suspension

The Independent reported that in reaction to the Post's reporting about the suspension of Detective Rosenberg by the Manhattan DA's office, former President Trump let loose with a "misleading" all-caps post to his Truth Social account which suggested that DA Bragg would be forced to drop the case against him and made various claims that were not mentioned in the Post's report.

"Wow! Legal experts are saying that D.A. Alvin Bragg will be immediately forced to drop his weak & disparaged case against 'Trump' because his top investigator, Jeremy Rosenberg, corruptly colluded with a disgraced, disbarred, and convicted felon & perjurer in attempting to frame me with a 'crime' that doesn't even exist," Trump wrote.

He added, "They apparently became close friends with lifestyle money spent, a crime. This on top of Clinton lawyer turned prosecutor, Mark Pomerantz, illegally writing a book on the case!"

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