More details finally released about Aurora mass shooting

Details of the shooting at a manufacturing plant in Aurora are finally being revealed.

The gunman, Gary Martin, 45, killed five people in a mass shooting on Friday. Multiple others were injured, including five police officers.

Disgruntled Worker

According to early reports, Martin had just been fired by the Henry Pratt Company, a valve manufacturing company.

Furious over being fired, Martin returned with a handgun and opened fire.

Once again, gun control laws failed to stop an angry shooter. It turns out that Martin wasn’t supposed to possess the gun, a .40-caliber Smith & Wesson handgun with a laser sight.

His Illinois Firearm Owners Identification card had been previously revoked due to an old assault conviction — but according to authorities, he never turned in his gun.

The incident was first called into police at 1:24 p.m. local time.

Employees on the scene stated Martin was just firing at anyone he could see.

As police approached the scene, Martin opened fire on them.

It appears as though several officers were injured during that initial contact and Martin then went deeper inside the facility.

Police eventually trapped Martin, but he continued to fight until he was eventually shot and killed by the officers.

Co-Workers and Neighbors Shocked

As seems to be common in these cases, friends, neighbors, and co-workers were stunned Martin was the man behind the gun. Martin’s neighbor, Mary McKnight, stated, “He seemed very friendly, he said hi to a lot of people who came and went, I’m kind of shocked, I guess.”

Police later issued a search warrant for Martin’s home residence.

Other than his anger over being fired, there appears to be no other motivation behind the tragic mass shooting.

As of late Friday, police were still working to identify the deceased to alert their families. In addition to the officers and five deceased, it was reported one additional worker was injured and hospitalized.

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