Despite Dem victories, election 'details' should worry Left for 2024

November 8, 2023
World Net Daily

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Democrats on Wednesday were chortling over their state legislative victories in Virginia, a governor's race win, and the success of a pro-abortion ballot issue that promotes the destruction of the unborn in Ohio.

Joe Biden was taking a victory lap, and commentators were speculating about how the leftists and radicals in the party that now mostly aligned with the Communist Party of America ideals would be fully in control during the 2024 presidential election.

But wait, warns one longtime, and expert, commentator.

It is Andrew Neil, who has held senior posts with the Economist, the Spectator, the Sunday Times and now provides opinion pieces for the Daily Mail, who said the details should alarm the White House.

Recent polling shows President Donald Trump comfortably beating Biden in five of the six swing states that Biden won and gave him the White House during 2020.

Those, Neil said, can change.

But the "details" are "dire" for him.

"Among voters under 30, for example, Biden has the merest one-percentage-point lead over Trump, which is statistically even-stevens and quite remarkable given how the young are meant to skew overwhelmingly Democrat," he said. "Among black voters, Biden still leads easily, as is to be expected. But Trump has 22 percent support, which even the New York Times points out is a 'level unseen in presidential politics for a Republican in modern times.' That black support will matter in the swing states, where every vote counts," he explained.

"Age, it turns out, is undermining Biden in more ways than one: 71 percent of all voters now believe he's too old to run, while 62 percent fear he's no longer sharp enough. A September poll found only a third think he'd survive a full second term ('he'd need a walker to make it across the White House lawn to Marine One,' one Democratic pundit quips to me).

"Just as important is the fact that bar abortion, voters are out of sorts with Biden on ALL the issues that matter: the economy, inflation, immigration, crime. They think he's weak on foreign policy and underperforming on the domestic front," he wrote.

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