CNN documents desperate Afghan family’s sale of young daughter into ‘marriage’

Since the U.S. troop withdrawal from Afghanistan and the Taliban’s subsequent takeover of the war-torn nation, many Afghanis have had to resort to desperate and even unthinkable means in order to survive.

This apparently includes the sale of young girls by their parents into a form of sexual slavery disingenuously described as “marriage” — and a CNN crew recently caught one such transaction on camera.

Victim’s fate “has been sealed”

As PJ Media and others have opined, the cable news reporter and camera operator are essentially complicit in the horrifying situation by not interfering or attempting to prevent the sale. One portion of the resulting CNN news report focused on a 9-year-old girl named Parwana whose father sold her to a 55-year-old man for the equivalent of about $2,000.

The girl was clearly distressed and could be seen attempting to resist her own transfer to the older man’s ownership. He own mother helped escort her away.

A reporter can be heard narrating in the background of the heartbreaking scene, concluding: “The fate of this small, helpless child has been sealed.”

Sadly, the full report, which spans nearly eight gut-wrenching minutes, is nothing new within Afghanistan.

A pair of “glaring problems”

Recent events, however, have apparently led to the formerly secretive and seldom practice becoming thrust into the open while surging in frequency.

In her counterpoint to CNN’s coverage, PJ Media’s Megan Fox identified two “glaring problems.” First, she expressed outrage over fathers who would even momentarily consider selling their own daughters into a “marriage” to an old man — a seemingly unthinkable step regardless of how dire a situation had become.

She also lambasted CNN for doing nothing to intervene or prevent the tragedy from occurring.

Considering the network’s deep corporate pockets, it would appear that CNN bosses could have provided many families with a few thousand dollars or necessities they hoped to obtain by selling their innocent young daughters.

As CBS News reported about two months ago, U.S. authorities have already identified suspected cases of child brides among evacuees leaving Afghanistan in the wake of the troop withdrawal.

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