DeSantis vows to resist lockdowns and mandates after first omicron case in Florida

As most of the left-leaning mainstream media continue to fearmonger their viewers over the omicron variant of COVID-19, which has proven to be mild and not anywhere near as dangerous as the delta variant, at least one red-state governor is taking a stand.

According to Fox News, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) vowed to the residents of his state that he will not allow mandates, lockdowns, or any other silly draconian measures still being pushed by President Joe Biden and his administration.

“In Florida, we won’t let them lock ya down, we won’t let them restrict you, we’re not gonna let them impose mandates, we’re not gonna let them close the schools,” DeSantis said this week in the wake of the news that his state had its first confirmed omicron case.

No “Fauci-ism” in Florida

DeSantis, who has gained massive popularity both in Florida and around the country for his handling of the pandemic and allowing residents of the state to exercise their God-given right to personal freedom, made clear that he won’t be pressured into following Dr. Anthony Fauci’s asinine recommendations.

“We are gonna protect your freedom to make your decisions,” the governor said, adding that in a “free society,” if a resident feels the need to lockdown, they’re free to do that on their own.

The popular GOP governor added: “You don’t impose Fauci-ism on the whole country or on a whole state. It’s wrong.”

“It’s a free country, so when people are in bad environments – when you have states that don’t know how to fight crime, when you have states that are locking people down, mandating them, doing a lot of stupid things – people look for greener pastures,” DeSantis said.

A “mild” variant

The media has relentlessly attempted to scare an entire nation, once again, into hiding in their homes for the holidays, but at this point, according to CNBC, even the CEO of Pfizer, who will be exponentially wealthier by the time the pandemic is over, admitted that omicron is “milder.”

The report added that even Dr. Fauci himself was forced to admit over the weekend that omicron is not the ultra-dangerous variant that so many in the media seemingly want it to be.

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla did warn that omicron, while mild, looks as though it’s easily spreadable, which he fears could lead to mutations and further variants, which likely appeased at least some of his vaccine-salespeople in the mainstream media.

The bottom line is that if you live in a blue state where governors and health officials are chomping at the bit to impose a new round of lockdowns, it’s probably time to start thinking about taking up permanent residence in Florida, where American freedom still exists.

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