DeSantis sets fundraising record

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) has just set a new record for the amount of money raised in a gubernatorial race, the Washinton Examiner reports

The new record is $177.4 million. This is the amount of money that DeSantis has raised as of Sept. 9 for his reelection campaign.

This $177.4 million figure includes $31.4 million that DeSantis’s campaign has raised since January 2021. It also includes $146 million that his state-level PAC, Friends of Ron DeSantis – which is not subject to contribution limits – has raised since January 2019.

None of these figures have been adjusted for inflation. But, one of the things that makes these figures so impressive is that DeSantis has not put any of his own money into his campaign. The same cannot be said of other candidates who have raised similar amounts in the past.

Some perspective

DeSantis, in the race for Florida’s governorship, is facing off against Rep. Charlie Crist (D-FL).

To understand just how much money DeSantis is bringing in, all one has to do is compare DeSantis’s fundraising totals to the totals of Crist. So far, Crist has only managed to bring in a little less than $20 million.

DeSantis raised more than half of Crist’s fundraising total in the month of April alone. In April, DeSantis managed to bring in $10.5 million, which was DeSantis’s record for fundraising in a single month.

DeSantis, in early August, had set the fundraising record for a candidate who did not put any of his money into his candidacy at $165.6 million, which, again, is all contributions. As the Tampa Free Press has simply put it: “DeSantis has become the most prolific fundraiser ever among gubernatorial candidates.”

Looking ahead

There is no other conclusion that can be drawn from DeSantis’s extraordinary fundraising other than that he and his policies are popular. The polls would seem to confirm this.

Real Clear Politics has DeSantis leading Crist, on average, by four percentage points, 49% to 45%.

If the race between DeSantis and Crist turns out to be anything like their respective fundraising, then DeSantis is going to win massively.

One of the next big events in the race between DeSantis and Crist will be a gubernatorial debate that will take place on Oct. 12.

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