Gov. DeSantis promotes plan to increase funding for tech manufacturing in Florida

While President Joe Biden has received mixed reviews for his stance on security and economic issues related to China, one Republican governor has made it clear where he stands.

According to reports, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis announced that he will be investing state resources into microchip and semiconductor manufacturing in an effort to weaken China’s control over the tech supply chain.

“Survey the investments that are currently being done”

Last month, the governor announced that he would be conducting “a survey of all of the investments of the Florida Retirement System to determine how many assets the state has in Chinese companies.”

He further determined that the “failed” experiment of allowing China to enter the World Trade Organization “has endangered our nation’s national and economic security.”

As a result, DeSantis said that he “would like the [Small Business Administration] to survey the investments that are currently being done.”

Upon determining the extent of those investments, the governor called on his state’s legislature to “make statutory changes to say that the Communist Party of China is not a vehicle that we want to be entangled with.”

DeSantis made his latest remarks on the issue on Wednesday, offering some insight into the focus of his statewide proposal.

“We have to start standing up as Floridians and Americans”

“The Chinese Communist Party steals America’s technology and is a threat to the semiconductor supply chain,” DeSantis wrote.

The governor described his plan to boost funding “to increase microchip and semiconductor manufacturing in Florida so that the CCP cannot hold our supply chain hostage.”

During a press conference this week, he argued: “We have to start standing up as Floridians and Americans. We cannot be captive.”

Citing the new economic opportunities such an investment would mean for his state, DeSantis determined that his efforts “will further strengthen Florida’s fiscal footing and signal to those in corporate America who prop up a genocidal, authoritarian, imperialist regime that they will not do so with Floridians’ money.”

While his decisive stance is sure to earn him some support among Republicans across the Sunshine State, it could further bolster his growing national prominence ahead of a potential White House bid in 2024.

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