DeSantis dismisses speculation of wife's political ambitions

 May 14, 2024

Florida governor Ron DeSantis (R) is brushing off speculation of his wife Casey's political ambitions, telling reporters she has "zero" interest in taking his job.

DeSantis is barred from running again in 2026 by term limits.

His wife, a former news anchor and inseparable political sidekick of the governor, was a high-profile surrogate for her husband's ill-fated presidential campaign.

DeSantis rejects speculation

But according to the governor, his wife has no interest in the "nonsense" that goes with political office.

“If I had to characterize her interest in getting into the political thicket as a candidate, I would characterize it as zero,” DeSantis said. "She’s had a front-row seat on all the nonsense that goes on when you do it.”

DeSantis has not ruled out another White House run in 2028 after his highly anticipated 2024 campaign fell short of its lofty expectations.

Despite winning re-election in a landslide and being billed a major threat to Trump, the governor ended up dropping out after the Iowa caucuses in January.

His relationship with Trump had been bitterly damaged at that point, and DeSantis gave Trump an endorsement that could be described as anything but enthusiastic.

Even after endorsing Trump, he continued to take shots at his rival and snubbed the idea of being vice president.

Trump, DeSantis make peace

But with the primary over, Trump and DeSantis are beginning to make peace, with the two agreeing to cooperate on getting Trump back in the White House.

DeSantis is offering to tap his substantial donor network to support Trump's efforts against Joe Biden. The Associated Press reports that DeSantis is planning to begin raising money for Trump in Texas and Florida.

“We are actively working on plans to fundraise in support of President Trump, as well as other Republicans up and down the ballot,” DeSantis spokesperson Taryn Fenske told The Associated Press.

The effort has an upside for DeSantis, who clearly wants to be president still. Working with Trump could help DeSantis earn back some goodwill that he lost among Republicans by going against Trump in the primary.

While anything could change, it appears likely voters will see more of Casey DeSantis in a familiar role, as a campaign surrogate for her husband in 2028 rather than as a political candidate in her own right.

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