Impeachment deposition transcript confirms the real reason Ukraine aid was withheld

The more witnesses that are called by Democrats during this impeachment inquiry, the more their narrative ends up getting blown to bits.

The latest bombshell came after White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB) official Mark Sandy testified that the aid to Ukraine was held up before President Donald Trump’s July 25 phone call over concerns “about other countries not contributing more to Ukraine,” according to the Daily Wire.

Pay your fair share

Donald Trump has always had an issue with the expectation that the United States bail out other countries. It’s a central tenet of his “America First” policy that “the United States seeks strong, sovereign partners who control their own destinies.”

Since his election, Trump has not shied away from telling other countries they need to pay their fair share. Remember his threats to pull out of NATO because of the imbalanced contributions to the organization?

If the United States were in better financial shape, this might not even be an issue, but that is not the case either.

Our country is trillions of dollars in debt with homelessness and drug abuse issues on the rise, yet we are expected to write checks to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars for other countries.

Trump is proven right… Again

Democrats are attempting to make the case that Trump withheld aid to Ukraine on July 25th to force an investigation into Joe Biden. However, as Sandy pointed out, “There were multiple actions before July 25. It’s amazing how much deliberate misleading many in the media are enthusiastically engaging in to dumb down the public.”

The administration has confirmed Sandy’s assertion, stating on multiple occasions that the timing of the release was just a coincidence and there were really two reasons this aid was being held up.

The first was to ensure Ukraine was working diligently against corruption. The second was to get other countries to chip in.

The transcripts from Sandy’s deposition were just released, and he told House members the aid was held up for the latter reason: “I recall in early September an email [from OMB official Mike Duffey] that attributed the hold to the President’s concern about other counties not contributing money to Ukraine.”

What is really happening is that all the cherry-picking the media has been doing over the last two years is finally starting to get exposed. They pull one line or one fact, then create a story to fit the narrative they want rather than reporting the entire story.

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