Twice-deported man accused of murdering Iowa mother and children

Once again, a series of horrific and insensible murders have happened at the hands of someone that should not even be present in this country.

A twice-deported 31-year-old illegal immigrant, Marvin Oswaldo Escobar-Orellana, was arrested and charged for the murder of 29-year-old Rossibeth Flores-Rodriguez and her two children, aged eleven and five.

Preventable Deaths

Murders, accidents, and assaults are always going to happen, but sometimes these crimes are preventable. They are preventable when they are committed by individuals that should not be in the country.

That is the case where Escobar-Orellana is concerned. The man had been deported twice, yet, somehow, he still ended up back on U.S. soil.

Escobar-Orellana was reportedly living in the same home as his victims but had no relationship with personal relationship with them.

He reportedly entered the country for the first time in 2010, was caught, and deported. He came back to the United States in 2011 but was deported again.

Police have not offered a motive for the murders. There were also no reports of a previous record for Escobar-Orellana other than his previous deportations.

Point being, this is exactly the type of illegal immigrant Democrats have been advocating for when fighting Trump’s aggressive immigration policies.

The Irony of It All

Oddly enough, this is the very type of person that would have been exposed when the new census went out if Trump’s question were allowed to be added.

This is also the very reason Trump wants ICE to deport illegal immigrants and make everyone enter the country legally.

When states allow sanctuary cities, this is the type of person they are inadvertently protecting. By doing so, they are putting legal residents and citizens of this country at risk.

Sadly, it is too late for Rossibeth Flores-Rodriguez and her two children.

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