Dems worry Biden may repeat Ginsberg retirement debacle

 February 19, 2024

Democrats are concerned that President Joe Biden is making the same mistake as the late U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg. 

Business Insider reports, "Many draw parallels between Biden and the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg."

The reader may remember that Ginsberg essentially cost Democrats a seat on the Supreme Court by refusing to resign from the court when Barrack Obama was president.

Now, Democrats are concerned that Biden might cost the Democrats the presidency by not stepping aside and allowing someone else to take his place in the 2024 election.


Unlike other offices in the American government, Supreme Court justices have lifetime tenure, meaning that they can remain a member of the court until they die (or until they are impeached).

The other important fact, here, is that it is the sitting president who gets to nominate an individual to be placed on the court.

The problem arises when a liberal justice, for example, leaves the court when a Republican president is in office, because a Republican president is not going to replace a liberal justice with another liberal. Rather, he is going to replace a liberal justice with a conservative justice.

It is for this reason that some Democrats wanted Ginsberg to step down in 2014, when Obama was president, so that Obama could replace Ginsberg with another liberal justice.

This, of course, did not happen, and the Democrats paid the ultimate price. Ginsberg ended up being replaced by the conservative justice Amy Coney Barrett, who was selected by Obama's successor, former President Donald Trump.

Is history repeating itself?

Now, Democrats are concerned that Biden might be committing the same mistake as Ginsberg.

The parallels are obvious. There is widespread concern about Biden's health just as there was widespread concern about Ginsberg's. Yet, Biden, like Ginsberg, continues to seek reelection.

Biden continues to seek reelection even though Americans have clearly indicated, through polling, that Biden's mental and physical condition is a problem. And, he continues to seek reelection despite the fact that there is a growing call, from within his own party, to step aside.

As Business Insider points out, "Even some expected to be in Biden's corner — from liberal comedian Jon Stewart to progressive journalist Ezra Klein — have publicly worried the incumbent president will be unable to maintain the energy needed to face off against Donald Trump in this year's election."

So, the parallels are obvious. Now, the question is whether the result be the same. Will Biden cost the Democrats the presidency, just as Ginsberg cost the Democrats a seat on the Supreme Court? Time will tell.

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