Democrat says Trump’s children must be held to ‘same standard’ as Biden’s

After repeated calls from the GOP for Hunter Biden to be called to testify in the Senate’s impeachment trial, Donald Trump, Jr. — along with the president’s other children — has been targeted by Democrats as a counter-measure in recent comments from a Democrat member of Congress, Breitbart reports.

What relevance Trump’s children have to impeachment was not explained. This merely showcases the Democrats’ desperation to deflect from the real issues in the impeachment sham.

Apples and oranges

The thought of presidential candidate Joe Biden testifying in a Senate trial is a nightmare for Democrats. The same can be said for the prospect of Hunter Biden having to appear.

Republicans have been champing at the bit to get either Biden under oath, but Democrats will do all they can to prevent Republicans from calling key witnesses to testify.

Now, Rep. Joe Kennedy (D-MA) seems to be demanding that Don Jr. be scrutinized for his own business activities. According to Breitbart, on an interview on CNN’s State of the Union, Kennedy said:

I think again if we’re going to get into this conversation, it is awfully hard for me to reconcile and to square those comments and that clarity put forth by Vice President Biden, by Hunter Biden, with the fact you have the current president’s children running around on an international hotel chain that is being supported by U.S. military service members staying at their hotels across the world.

Of course, Kennedy is ignoring the fact that the Trumps have not been politically active over the course of their careers, whereas the Bidens have.

Hunter Biden received a lucrative board position for which he was arguably unqualified while his father was vice president, and there is significant evidence that Joe Biden specifically leveraged his political power to benefit his son, RealClearPolitics notes.

The Trump children were busy pursuing a range of business ventures long before their father became president. However, Kenndy still pressed: “Let’s be clear and make sure everybody is held to the same standard.”

Missing the point

Hunter Biden’s testimony is relevant to impeachment because the investigation into his activities while serving on the board of Ukraine energy company Burisma Holdings is one of the topics that launched the entire impeachment saga.

Donald Trump, Jr. has not been involved in any similar manner, nor have the president’s other children.

It’s also very telling that Hunter Biden stepped down from his position on the board of a Chinese firm once the role began to draw negative attention. This was done as the impeachment process got rolling in the House.

The Bidens are key to this whole impeachment fiasco. Democrats have abused the process to attack their political enemy and protect Joe Biden, and these comments by Kennedy are simply more deflection away from the real issue at hand.

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