Dems schedule another vote to hold Barr in contempt

Attorney General Barr has been battling with the Judiciary Committee, but now a second committee is hoping to hit the AG with contempt charges.

According to reports, the House Oversight Committee is scheduling a vote to hold Barr in contempt as well.

No Cooperation

This vote is yet another battle in the ongoing war between House Democrats and the Trump administration.

It is also more proof the Democrats are willing to pull out all the stops to make the Trump administration look bad in any way possible.

Shockingly, if the vote goes through, this contempt citation is not brought up in regards to the Mueller investigation.

This citation will be for a question the administration wants to add to the 2020 census.

Supreme Court Backing

What exactly Elijah Cummins, who chairs the Oversight Committee, is hoping to accomplish is unknown. From all signs, the new census question concerning citizenship status will have the support of the Supreme Court.

The only thing that really makes sense is that Cummings is hoping to get more documentation or supporting reasons for wanting to add the question to the census.

Cummings dug deep into his big book accusations to once again charge the administration with covering something up. Democrats are doing their best to make Trump look like Nixon before the 2020 election.

However, the Trump administration has not committed any nefarious acts here, and the Democrats know it.

The administration is just trying to get a firm idea of how many illegals we have in this country right now.

Of course, Democrats don’t want anyone to know the real number because they know once we do, the party will be ruined.

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