Media, Dems rip first lady over photo with orphaned infant in El Paso

The media won’t admit it, but when the president and first lady went to El Paso and Dayton, there were considerable numbers of supporters there to receive them positively.

The Trumps posed for pictures with them, including the couple that would be taking care of an orphaned child whose parents were killed in the attack, and the media went absolutely nuts about it.

The Pictures

Melania Trump posted a series of pictures on her social media accounts highlighting the visits.

The one picture that really set everyone off was Melania holding an orphaned child, with the president giving a “thumbs up” gesture and two supporters smiling.

There are three things about the picture not everyone knows, though. First, the two individuals in the picture are Trump supporters.

Second, the orphaned child is their nephew, whom they will more than likely be raising now.

Third, the parents of that child were also Trump supporters.

Providing Some Solace

Democrats and the media accused both Trump and the first lady of acting without empathy, but that was far from the case.

There were both videos and still shots where the setting was clearly somber. However, in this case, these individuals wanted something uplifting to ease the horrific situation.

So, they asked the president and the first lady to take a picture with them and the child, which they did. That is a photo they will cherish forever, knowing the president they supported took the time to meet with them in the midst of such tragedy.

Would they rather the Trumps posed crying with the couple so that image is forever burned in their minds or have something hopeful to which they can point in the future?

These senseless hits against Melania Trump must stop, as she has done nothing but devote herself to this country and her role as the first lady and for most of us, she has performed well beyond our wildest dreams.

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