Dems reward Omar after campaign finance violations

When you do something illegal, you should be punished. This is how the justice system was intended to work, but Democrats don’t seem to think they should play by those rules.

Freshman Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) has been added to a new caucus in the House AFTER having been found guilty of campaign finance violations, proving that Democrats have no interest in justice. 

What the…

Earlier this week, we found out that Rep. Ilhan Omar was found guilty of campaign finance violations. Finally, she was being brought to some type of justice for her actions.

Omar will have to pay back the almost $3,500 she illegally spent from her campaign coffers as well as having to pay a $500 fine. You would think Dems would censure her and put her in the corner for this embarrassing violation, but the exact opposite happened.

The House recently formed a new bipartisan caucus called the Congressional Caucus on Black-Jewish Relations.

The caucus was co-founded by Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY). It’s notable because Zeldin has previously criticized Omar for her controversial comments on Israel.

Omar was invited to be a charter member of the caucus. This move is even more ludicrous in light of the fact that Omar has a history of blatant anti-semitism.

She rewarded Zeldin’s olive branch by calling him a bigot on Twitter and saying she hoped this caucus would provide an opportunity for Zeldin to grow and learn.

Where Is the Accountability?

Rewarding bad behavior begets more bad behavior. The appointment of Omar to this committee will only encourage Omar to continue along her path of outrageous anti-American and anti-Semitic behavior.

Her previous comments should have been enough to put her in the corner.

The fact she openly violated campaign finance laws is only further evidence that she is a liability. The revelation that she may have filed fraudulent tax returns for several years, at least one would think, would give even more cause for concern.

Instead, the Democrat party gives her an even more powerful voice in the House. Right now, it is fairly obvious the Democrat party is a rudderless ship destined for failure in 2020.

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