In short-term win for Republicans, Dems remain divided on impeachment: Report

To hear Democratic House Judiciary Committee chairman Jerry Nadler (NY) tell it, the Democrat-controlled House has already begun the impeachment process.

But based on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s commentary, President Donald Trump’s ouster is nowhere near imminent. And a Wednesday report from Politico suggests that it’s Pelosi who has a better read on the Democratic House caucus than Nadler. 

A recent effort to whip votes for an impeachment resolution on the House floor found that Democrats were nearly two dozen votes shy of the minimum number needed to officially launch the impeachment process.

Dems can’t make the cut

Indeed, Politico noted, there seems to be a “schism” among Democrats over the issue of impeachment, with Nadler nominally leading the pro-impeachment crowd, while Pelosi and other party leaders attempt to rein in calls for the impulsive and potentially politically devastating move.

“Right now, Democratic insiders say 175 of their members would vote for impeachment today on the House floor,” Politico noted. “Will that ever tick up, in the face of a leadership that’s looking to tamp it all down? Remember: Dems would need 218 votes on the floor to impeach the president.”

Considering that 218 votes are needed, and the latest whip count shows only 175 Democrats would vote in favor of impeachment, the party remains about 43 votes short of where they need to be to go down that route.

Not there yet

A more thorough and in-depth piece from Politico later revealed that, in addition to lacking the necessary votes to officially launch impeachment on the House floor, Democrats have been divided on impeachment in other ways.

Pelosi has reportedly been highly critical of Nadler and his committee for pressing so hard on the impeachment issue when it remains such a divisive topic for the entirety of the caucus.

Indeed, Pelosi was reported to have said in a closed-door meeting that Nadler had pushed the impeachment issue beyond what the Democratic House caucus would support.

The necessary votes simply aren’t there — especially when you consider Republicans, none of whom are on the record supporting impeachment.

It ain’t happening, folks

The point in all of this is no matter how much squawking might be heard from Nadler and his Judiciary Committee colleagues — as well as the mainstream media — an impeachment of Trump has not already begun, doesn’t appear to be imminent, and likely will never actually occur.

Nevertheless, Nadler will continue to hold faux impeachment hearings and the media will continue to manufacture scandalous mountains out of molehills in an effort to whittle away at Trump’s re-election chances in 2020 — an exercise in futility that is as hilarious as it is infuriating to watch.

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