Dems ramp up schemes to paint Trump as the worst (Hitler) ever!

 April 18, 2024

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

Hitler was the worst. Ever.

Not that Joseph Stalin and Mao Zedong were lightweights when it came to killing, both having been assigned responsibility for the deaths of millions, too.

But when mass murder is mentioned, many in the civilized world today think Hitler, who, in fact, ordered the deaths of millions of innocents, and not just Jews.

So labeling someone a "Hitler" means that they are the worst.

And when the epithet "pig" is added, it suggests not just "evil" but "dirty" and "evil."

Which is what some Democrats have decided to use to reference President Donald Trump.

A report in the New York Post explains, "White House staffers and campaign aides first started using the term after Trump dined with rapper Kanye West and notorious Holocaust skeptic and white nationalist Nick Fuentes at his Mar-a-Lago estate two days before Thanksgiving in 2022," Politico reported.

The report noted the response often follows what some consider outlandish comments from Trump.

"Hey, did you see what Hitler Pig said?" Biden aides will say in those situations, the report said.

"Why do Biden and other top Democrats continually compare Donald Trump to Hitler, and not only that, but also slander his supporters as Nazis and fascists?" asks author and WND Vice President and Managing Editor David Kupelian. "They do it because, if Trump really were another Hitler, and if Christian conservatives really were Nazis and fascists, then all the normal rules of society – all laws, all moral standards, all boundaries – would vanish, which is exactly how the radical Left likes things: No rules.

"Of course," he adds, "their premise is insane: Adolf Hitler murdered 11 million people, Donald Trump murdered zero. Yet in their minds, they’re in a war against Hitler. In which case it becomes not only morally permissible – but a moral imperative – for them to daily lie, bribe, steal, censor, rig elections and much more, if doing so enables them to get rid of Hitler and save millions of innocent lives."

"Trump campaign adviser Chris LaCivita argued that the nickname is more of a reflection of the White House staffers that use it," the Post reported.

"[Politico] thinks this is funny it’s actually more a representation of what a rag they’ve become and the level of s–t that works in the White House 'Hitler Pig,'" he wrote on X.

report in Politico said, "that moniker," is "one that aides to and allies of the president – generally younger, more digitally native individuals, not senior staffers, one person clarified – frequently use to describe Trump."

The publication's own reporting confirmed that Biden is "often far saltier" about President Trump behind closed doors. And none of the report's sources expect Biden to start using "Hitler Pig" right away.

"According to the four people who were granted anonymity to speak to West Wing Playbook about the term’s usage in Biden world, it started in late 2022 after Trump invited NICK FUENTES, an avowed white nationalist and Holocaust denier, to dinner at Mar-a-Lago along with the rapper KANYE WEST."

"Joe Biden talks a lot about decency, but he and his staff don’t have a decent bone in their bodies," said Brian Hughes, a senior campaign adviser for Trump. “These ridiculous and gross comments reflect the failure and dishonesty of the entire Biden operation."

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