Dems join House GOP in passing amendment to prevent Biden's gas stove ban

March 30, 2023
Ryan Ledendecker

The Biden administration's ridiculous notion of banning tens of millions of gas stoves looks like it's backfiring even more than anyone could have anticipated. 

According to Fox News, a growing number of Democrats, more than two dozen as of this writing, oppose such a proposal.

That was evidenced this week when that group of House Democrats helped Republican lawmakers approve an amendment "that would prevent the Department of Energy (DOE) from implementing strict new regulations on gas stoves that most stoves on the market today would not be able to meet."

Rep. Gary Palmer (R-AL) led the charge on the amendment and was able to get it passed in Republicans' favor, 251 to 181.

Why not more Dems?

Though the amendment passed, Palmer slammed House Democrats for not supporting the commonsense amendment to a greater degree.

Palmer said in a statement to Fox News Digital, ""Despite all their words to the contrary, House Democrats are supportive of federal bureaucrats’ attempts to ban gas stoves. By voting against my amendment to prevent the Department of Energy from implementing its anti-natural gas agenda, they have shown themselves to be complicit."

"Clearly, the plan to ban gas stoves was already in the works even before federal bureaucrats said the quiet part out loud earlier this year," he said.

"Republicans are meeting this attempt to dismantle American energy head on and will continue to empower Americans to choose what appliances belong in their kitchens, not have it dictated to them by a bureaucrat with a political agenda."

Palmer's amendment, which will only pass if Republicans get their energy bill passed, will be a powerful protection against the asinine White House rule.

More than half of the gas ovens on the market today, Fox News noted, wouldn't meet the requirements of the new rule.

Keep fighting

Earlier this month, Republicans introduced two similar bills that would strip Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm from banning gas ovens.

Forty million U.S. households use natural gas in their kitchens. Can you imagine, if Biden gets his way, how much damage control Democratic lawmakers would need to do in their districts? There's no chance that politically, it's worth it.

Hopefully, more Democrats see the light sooner than later before they cause what would be an unmitigated disaster.

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