Dems implicate Pence in impeachment report

If you think that Democrats aren’t using impeachment to remove Donald Trump from the Oval Office and replace him with Nancy Pelosi, you really need to read the House Intelligence report.

Within the report, there is a sub-narrative implicating Vice President Mike Pence, according to USA Today. And if the report successfully sets Pence up to be impeached as well, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi could be named as the 46th President of the United States of America.

Pence knew…

The damning line is buried within the 300-page report based on the last three weeks of impeachment inquiry that was released Tuesday night by Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA).

It stated that Pence and/or other senior Trump administration officials “were either knowledgeable of or active participants in an effort to extract from a foreign nation the personal political benefits sought by the president.”

Additionally, Pence is accused of obstruction for not producing the requested documents for the committee. As far as witness testimony, Democrats are hanging onto the words of Ambassador Gordon Sondland, who repeatedly said everyone was in the loop, including Pence.

When Sondland initially testified that Pence had knowledge of holding back the aid, Pence immediately issued a denial.

Democrats, however, said his denial was “carefully worded” in an effort to conceal what Pence really knew as well as misdirection in Pence saying that he was never alone with Sondland for such a meeting. (As an aside, Sondland did not testify that he had a private meeting with Pence — just that he knew.)

President Pelosi

It was apparent fairly early in on the hearings that this strategy was going to be used by Democrats to remove both Pence and Trump from their respective offices.

The fact that Pence has been implicated in the official report now confirms our worst fears. Dems don’t care how they get Pelosi into office, as long as they can get her in there.

First, it would crush any hope Republicans would have of winning again in 2020. The longer this goes on, the better — because if both Pence and Trump are removed, Republicans will have no time to put forth a real challenge in the 2020 election.

Second, even if Pelosi only sits at the Resolute Desk for a single day, she could pen executive orders that would forever change this country. The threat is real, patriots, and we’re watching it unfold right before our very eyes.

The only question that now remains is whether Democrats will actually be able to pull this off.

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