Dems go after Bill Barr ahead of IG report release

With the release of the DOJ inspector general’s report on alleged FISA abuse looming, Democrats are starting to show their concern over its anticipated conclusions.

Democrats are now beginning to push the narrative that the IG should also be investigating Attorney General Bill Barr for “known misconduct” after he pulled the trigger on U.S. Attorney John Durham’s investigation into the origins of the Russia collusion probe.

Crying wolf

The Democrats are very good about making something out of nothing and deflecting blame for their own shady actions on others.

They are also very talented at accusing Republicans of the very same wrongdoings committed by members of their own party.

Democrats seem to be engaging in classic projection, and continuing to do so appears to be their game plan as the impeachment inquiry moves forward.

Discrediting Barr

The IG report is definitely a concern for certain Democrats, but the criminal investigation Attorney General William Barr ordered to be conducted by Durham is the real problem for Democrats.

In an effort to make that report and whatever charges result from that investigation seem less damning, Democrats are now doing their best to cast aspersions on Barr to discredit him and the findings of both investigations.

NBC News analyst and former Democrat DOJ spokesperson Matthew Miller stated, “I don’t have so much of a problem with [Inspector General Michael] Horowitz investigating some of the allegations surrounding the 2016 election, because that’s his job.”

“But it is striking to me that with all of Barr’s known misconduct, all of the instances of conversations between senior leadership and the White House, there doesn’t seem to have been a single investigation into any that.”

The sentiments offered by Miller are echoed throughout the Democrat Party, despite there being no proof. They are not only throwing shade on Barr, but they are also casting doubt on the reputation of Michael Horowitz.

It is a cowardly act in an effort to discredit these men just so that the blatant corruption in the Democrat party is not exposed. Or, if such misconduct is revealed, to label such findings as nothing more than a partisan attack rather than the proper culmination of the pursuit of justice.

They do this while not one of them spoke up about the blatant bias within the Justice Department during the investigation into Hillary Clinton. These attacks will continue over the next few weeks and beyond, but it will never change the fact there is and always has been pervasive corruption throughout the Democratic Party and the bureaucratic “Deep State.”

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