Report: Dems eyeing plans to quash dissenting views on COVID

Social media platforms wielded their massive power and influence earlier this year when they banned former President Donald Trump from their platforms, which came after years of conservatives claiming that they had been censored by the Big Tech companies.

While Republicans spent years tossing around the idea of repealing the Section 230 liability protection enjoyed by social media platforms, according to the Daily Caller, it appears as if Democrats might beat them to the punch, but for a vastly different reason — to include eliminating all dissenting opinions on the topic of COVID-19. 

What’s going on?

Trump, and a handful of other Republicans, threatened on multiple occasions to repeal or severely restrict Section 230 protections on the basis that by censoring political and other types of content, the social media platforms were acting as publishers and not platforms for free speech.

Unfortunately, not enough Republicans took the required actions necessary to make it happen during Trump’s administration, which left the Big Tech platforms essentially free to continue their brutal censorship campaign

As a result, conservatives and virtually any dissenting opinions that went against emerging progressive narratives were at risk of being censored on a regular basis.

Democrats step up

Don’t let the heading mislead you. Democrats now seem keen to pick up where Republicans left off, but for a much different and much more sinister reason.

It wasn’t long ago, if you’ll recall, that the White House admitted that it’s working with social media platforms to identify “misinformation” regarding virtually anything COVID-19-related. Any user of the major platforms, like Facebook and Twitter, who has posted anything about COVID-19 has seen what are likely the results of that unethical relationship.

Progressive Democrats now appear to be interested in taking action on Section 230, bizarrely enough, to limit free speech, instead of protecting it like Republicans aimed to do at one point in time.

That is evidenced by what White House Communication Director Kate Bedingfield said recently when she admitted that President Joe Biden and his administration are looking at possible mofications to Section 230 in order to combat the spread of what they label as “bad information.”

What’s next?

Biden’s White House has held nothing back in their accusations that the spread of “bad information” on Facebook and other platforms regarding COVID-19 vaccine information is detrimental to the overall vaccination rates of Americans, and they seemed determined, somehow, to put an end to that.

While Democrats still control both chambers of Congress and the White House, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see them move forward on bending the rules so that their particular brand of COVID-19 narrative is the only acceptable published narrative on social media.

It’s a scary thought, as the party of “follow the science” seems far too keen on ignoring emerging science that disrupts their narratives completely. Only time will tell if they manage to exert their power and influence and force social media platforms to comply, but it certainly wouldn’t be a surprise at this point.

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