Senate Dems demand Barr resign over Stone sentencing recommendation

After prosecuting attorneys in the Roger Stone case recommended Stone get as many as nine years behind bars, Attorney General Bill Barr overruled the recommendation and instead called for a far lighter sentence.

Now, a group of Democrat senators, including presidential candidates Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and Bernie Sanders (I-VT), have sent an official letter to Barr demanding his resignation…

Stone sentencing fiasco

Prosecutors have a ratings and guideline system to use when recommending sentences to the presiding judge. In the Stone case, the prosecutors rated it a 29, which calls for a maximum of nine years.

This was based on a “threat” that Stone sent to a witness, a threat that the same witness did not consider to be serious.

If that threat were removed from the crime, it would have been rated a 21, which would put a maximum sentence in the four to five year range.

Barr clearly did not think the threat should have been included in the sentencing consideration, which is why he recommended a much lighter sentence than had been originally recommended.

Senate Democrats disagreed, writing in the letter, “The interference in this case by you or other senior DOJ officials working under you is a clear violation of your duty to defend fair, impartial, and equal justice for all Americans.”

The backlash

Barr is also under scrutiny by Democrats because President Trump also sent out a tweet criticizing the original recommendation.

Now, Trump has every right to comment on this, but the optics are bad — especially considering Dems just tried to impeach him for abuse of power.

Barr has maintained Trump’s tweet had nothing to do with his own recommendation and he had actually written his letter long before Trump sent that tweet out.

However, per Breitbart News, several Democrats are also demanding an investigation into Barr over this matter, seemingly hoping to have him impeached for this decision.

Almost immediately after Trump’s acquittal, rumblings of a second impeachment began surfacing. Numerous statements by Democrat politicians confirm that there is a faction of the party that is doing everything it can to trump up new charges, and Barr’s recent flurry of activity has presented them with the perfect opportunity.

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