Senate Dems delete online SCOTUS poll after respondents choose Kavanaugh over Ginsburg

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee’s Twitter account recently polled users of the platform on whether they would prefer more Supreme Court justices like liberal icon Ruth Bader Ginsburg or staunch conservatives in the mold of Brett Kavanaugh.

Their poll was summarily deleted prior to completion of the standard survey period, however, once it became apparent that the respondents failed to provide the answers the DSCC undoubtedly expected and overwhelmingly gave the nod to Kavanaugh.

Kavanaugh tops Ginsburg in poll

The poll was first posted on Friday, with the self-assured Senate Democratic party apparatus fully confident and convinced of what the final results would be.

But rather than be allowed to run its typical course, the poll was prematurely deleted by Sunday afternoon.

That’s because, as evidenced by the plethora of screenshots saved by conservatives mocking the poll results, Kavanaugh absolutely crushed Ginsburg, with the conservative justice receiving 71% of the votes and the liberal lioness garnering just 29%.

Let the mocking begin

Republican Texas Rep. Dan Crenshaw posted to Twitter a screenshot of the poll Sunday morning — when Kavanaugh led Ginsburg by a margin of 68-32 — and captioned it “#SundayMotivation.”

Just hours later, though, Crenshaw was back on Twitter, wondering what happened to the poll.

He certainly wasn’t the only one to mock the Senate Democrats over their swift attempt to eliminate evidence of the poll’s outcome.

Political strategist Caleb Hull posted photos of his decision to print a hard copy of the deleted poll results and deliver them to the organization’s office on Capitol Hill for posterity.

Conservative dominance

To be sure, Twitter polls are far from scientific, and results can be skewed if a sufficient number of users make a concerted effort to participate and vote for one particular response over all others.

Regardless, this poll utterly backfired on the Senate Democrats and showed that motivated conservatives still abound on social media.

Justice Kavanaugh — who was so unjustly smeared by Senate Democrats during his confirmation hearings — is far more popular than the left wants to admit.

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