Dems cover Biden's legal costs, blast Republicans for doing the same for Trump

 April 12, 2024

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

Democrats repeatedly have lashed out at how they see it as inappropriate that the Republican party is covering some of President Donald Trump's legal fees.

It's fine, however, when they do it for Joe Biden.

The double standard has been revealed in a report from Axios, which noted, "President Biden used campaign donations to help pay his legal bills last year during the special counsel's probe into his handling of classified documents."

Axios reported two people familiar with the matter confirmed that, and the statements aligned with a review of campaign finance records.

The payments were made through the Democratic National Committee, but the report said they are "at odds with the Biden campaign's recent attacks on Donald Trump for spending his campaign funds on legal fees."

The special counsel concluded that there was ample evidence that Biden willfully and knowingly took government classified documents, to which he was not entitled as vice president, with him and kept them in his home, an office, and even in an unsecured garage. The council recommended, however, no charges based on Biden's status as a person with "diminished" capacities.

Trump has been accused of essentially the same offense, even after he explained as president he declared that those were personal documents. The difference is that a Democrat prosecutor has brought dozens of serious criminal charges against Trump over the issue.

The report explained financial filings from the DNC confirm it has paid "more than $1.5 million to lawyers or firms representing Biden during the probe."

But, the report pointed out, "The Biden team increasingly has attacked Trump for using campaign donations to pay for his myriad legal fights."

Those fights largely come from a series of allegations from Democrat prosecutors that give the appearance of singling out Trump and trying to prevent him from being on the 2024 presidential ballot.

"Asked about Biden's use of the DNC to pay his legal bills, DNC spokesperson Alex Floyd told Axios: 'There is no comparison — the DNC does not spend a single penny of grassroots donors' money on legal bills — unlike Donald Trump, who actively solicits legal fees from his supporters and has drawn down every bank account he can get his hands on, like a personal piggy bank,'" the report said.

The report documented, "The DNC … mocked the RNC for picking up some of Trump's legal tab."

The Daily Mail was more blunt, stating, "President Joe Biden used campaign donations to pay his legal bills related to the investigation of his handling of classified documents."

And, "Biden and his allies have blasted rival Donald Trump for using donors' money to pay for his massive legal bills. But Biden is doing the same thing."

The Republican National Committee asked DNC chief Jamie Harrison to explain to donors why their money was spent on Biden's legal fees.

The report said, "The Republican National Committee had paid some of Trump's legal bills but since he became a presidential candidate in 2022, his legal bills have been paid from campaign donations to his Save America PAC. The RNC has now told donors none of their money will go to Trump's fights in court."

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