Dems ban Fox News from convention coverage

Democrat censorship took on a whole new meaning this week after a major announcement by the South Carolina Democratic Party.

On Wednesday, the party revealed it is canceling routine coverage by all networks of its convention other than MSNBC, including Fox News. 

Exclusive Deal

Giving only one network the rights to an event like this is unprecedented in political coverage. However, that is exactly what the South Carolina delegation has decided to do.

Not only is MSNBC the only network allowed to broadcast live, there is also a broadcast embargo in place as a result of the deal.

All networks other than MSNBC will have to have a three-hour delay on all feeds until after the completion of the event.

A draconian statement released by the Democratic Party read: “IMPORTANT: MSNBC has exclusive rights to broadcast the 2019 South Carolina Democratic Convention.”

They went on: “Any footage of the convention taken by other outlets may not be aired live, and is EMBARGOED FOR THREE HOURS after the close of the convention. This embargo includes any live-streaming from social media platforms.”

Media Outrage

The Democrat party is the friend of most media outlets, but they are really pressing their luck here. While it would still be inexcusable, it would make more sense if they were banning only Fox News.

But banning networks like CNN and C-SPAN just does not make any sense. Needless to say, media outlets were not pleased.

C-SPAN Political Director Steve Scully stated: “We’ll deal with 49 other state Democratic Parties. It’s ridiculous. It’s an open event. We’re not happy.”

The only explanation here is that MSNBC paid a boatload of cash for the exclusive rights. What is even more confusing is that one of the purposes of broadcasting a convention is to reach more people.

MSNBC’s viewing audience is about as far left as it gets, so what new voters will they possibly reach? What is even more bothersome is the fact the DNC itself does not seem to have a problem with this.

In fact, it just proves what we knew all along: the Democratic Party wants to control as much national communication and news as they can.

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