Dems avoid Fox News appearances after Mueller debacle

Wednesday was a day for Democrats to lick their wounds after the Mueller hearings were completed.

While they put on a strong face during their own press conferences, dozens of Dems refused to be put on the spot by anyone from Fox News, including anchor Shannon Bream, who left an open invitation for every Democrat in the party on Twitter…

“Our amazing @FoxNewsNight staff – including @BrigidMaryMcD – has reached out to roughly 70 Dem offices to get a Member to join our show tonight. Crickets. So, if you’re a House Dem and willing to talk about the Mueller hearing – let us know ASAP. See the rest of y’all at 11p!” she tweeted Thursday.

The Book Was Better

In all honesty, Wednesday’s disaster was a self-inflicted wound for Democrats.

Dems were telling everyone that would listen that Mueller was going to bury Donald Trump once and for all.

They were even characterizing it as the movie version of the book, with the book clearly being the Mueller report that had been released to the public.

Considering the budget for this “film” (the $25 million or so it cost the American people), the only way to describe Mueller’s testimony would be as an epic flop.

Mueller not only disappointed Dems by not giving them what they wanted, he embarrassed himself and quite possibly tainted his legacy forever. It was also painfully clear Mueller had little to nothing to do with the actual report itself.

The Epic Failure

Democrats were hoping to have solid grounds for impeachment after the Mueller testimony, but they actually energized the Republican effort to prove this truly was a witch hunt.

Nancy Pelosi and the committee chairman tried to save face with a fancy display showing how much money was recovered, but that had nothing at all do with the Trump campaign. The money recovered was for tax evasion, not collusion.

The Democrats are resorting to sleight of hand to justify this investigation, but the bottom line here is that they know this was a failure of epic proportions.

If they really thought they won this round, they would have taken Bream up on her offer but instead, as she stated, all anyone heard was crickets.

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