Democrats turn against Bill Clinton over #MeToo interview

Democrats are finally seeing the light when it comes to Bill Clinton.

After Bill’s interview where he said he does not owe Monica Lewinsky a direct apology, Dems are finally jumping ship.

Enough is Enough

In a scathing op-ed, Margery Eagan of the Boston Globe says Dems are finally going to distance themselves from the beleaguered political figure.

When you think about it, it is rather amazing it took them this long for it all to sink in.

Bill Clinton has had these skeletons in his closet since his days as an Attorney General in Arkansas.

Throughout his career, including his presidential run, rumors of sexual misconduct followed.

Then, when he won the presidential election, he preyed upon a young intern and took advantage of her sexually.

Yet, through all of it, the Dems stood by their man.

This is a man that has been accused of raping women but the Dems love him.

Now, with the #MeToo movement in full swing, they have finally decided to call it quits.

What Took So Long?

Bill Clinton is a great orator.

That one skill has enabled him to sidestep public persecution and the law for many years.

Slick Willy has been able to talk himself out of corners for about five decades… at least until now.

Sadly, Democrats don’t seem to have a “go to” guy to rally behind these days.

That being the case, they keep going to the well with Bill and Hillary.

Why Democrats keep supporting Bill is much the reason they continue to lose public support…

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Because they keep running the same politicians out in front of people and expect different results.

One can only hope this “Come to Jesus” moment against Clinton holds water and we have finally heard the last of him.

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