Democrats target Barr for criminal charges after he doesn’t appear at House hearing

Attorney General William Barr has gone above and beyond his duties to work with the Democrats’ demands, but even he has quit trying now. He didn’t show up to a House hearing on Thursday, and Democrats are furious.

Now, Democrats are accusing Barr of committing a crime as well as targeting him with wild accusations of perjury and contempt.

Pelosi Loses It

If you are a regular watcher of Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) weekly press conferences, you are already quite aware that this administration is getting under her skin.

Pelosi has always had stammering fits when she was talking about Trump, but Barr has seemingly hit a completely different nerve.

In this week’s press conference, she not only did her usual awkward silent pauses and stammering, and she just looked like she has been through the wringer all week.

Pelosi continues to maintain that Barr lied to Congress, saying, “That’s a crime.”

More than Accusations

Democrats, however, appear ready to do more than the usual peacocking in this case. Numerous reports have Democrats trying to figure out a way to slap charges on Barr.

There is a significant problem, though.

They don’t have anything real on Barr and party leadership knows it.

Pelosi even tipped her hand by telling reporters even if they did move forward with impeachment, they know it would die in the Senate.

This, by the way, is not about partisan politics but rather the fact the Dems are just making things up as they go.

Democrats are in way over their heads on this one.

The problem is they have backed themselves into a corner with a bogus narrative and now they have no way to get out.

Their only hope is to paint a picture of a partisan Republican party and continue to press on.

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