Nearly 2 dozen Democrats sign letter urging House leaders to tackle inflation

Iowa Democrat Cindy Axne, who’s vulnerable to lose her seat in the House in the upcoming midterm elections, appears to have turned on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).

According to Breitbart, Axne signed onto a letter Thursday calling for Pelosi to pass legislation aimed at addressing the record levels of inflation Americans are facing in the midst of a global supply chain crisis.

“We are concerned”

The letter was signed by over 20 vulnerable House Democrats, Breitbart said, and was addressed to both Pelosi and House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D).

“We are concerned about the ongoing disruptions to our nation’s supply chain, which are causing delays and increasing inflation for our constituents,” the Democrats wrote.

They went on to say that while they “are pleased that the bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act has been signed into law by President Biden and encouraged by the continued work on the Build Back Better Act…Congress must do more.”

“It is imperative Congress acts to address the needs of the nation through additional action to specifically address the supply chain and resulting higher prices experienced by families across the country,” they wrote.

“We respectfully ask that the House swiftly considers the numerous bills written by our colleagues that will support domestic manufacturing and provide additional solutions to our supply chain crisis,” the representatives added.

“A full-blown socialist”

According to Breitbart, it wasn’t just surprising to Axne bucking Pelosi here; just months ago, the Iowa congressman was happy to deny that rising inflation was a problem at all.

“We’re not even remotely close to a point to say that we’re at rising inflation, so no, I wouldn’t agree with that,” she said in June when asked about the issue, according to Breitbart.

Later in the summer, Axne reportedly said the U.S. “economy is on a great track.” By September, she seemed convinced that “things will get better day by day.”

Two months later, Axne is changing her tune — and at least one Republican thinks it’s because she’s trying to save face before the 2022 midterms.

“After months of falsely claiming inflation wasn’t real and taking votes to worsen the crisis, Cindy Axne is now pretending to care about rising prices by writing meaningless letters,” Mike Berg, a spokesperson for the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC), told Breitbart. “Instead of meaningless letters, Cindy Axne should stop voting like a full-blown socialist.”

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