Alan Dershowitz: Democrats who met with Farrakhan should resign

Epic tomes could be written about the double standard that exists in the United States for Democrats and Republicans.

Now Democrat Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz is calling out members of his own party who met with racist preacher Louis Farrakhan.

They Must Go.

Dershowitz said on Friday that any Democrat Congress member who has met with the Nation Of Islam frontman, anti-Semite and anti-white preacher should resign from office immediately.

“Farrakhan is a bigot,” he told Fox News. “He is far worse than David Duke. Why? Because Farrakhan has a large following, David Duke is a joke.”

Dershowitz was referring to the fact that people called on President Donald Trump to abandon his campaign because Duke supported him.

President Trump disavowed Duke on more than one occasion and Democrats continued to call on him to resign.

Many of these same Democrats met with Farrakahn and gave him rave reviews, and the majority of the mainstream media, other than CNN’s Jake Tapper, have been silent on it.

Same As David Duke.

Dershowitz said that the same standard should apply to Democrats as it does to Republicans.

He ought to be treated the way we treat David Duke,” Dershowitz said. “If any Republican dared to meet with David Duke, that would be the end of their career.”

“It should be the end of the career of any Democrat who has any association with this bigot Farrakhan,” he said.

The people who met with Farrakhan include Reps. Maxine Waters, Barbara Lee, Danny Davis, Andre Carson, Gregory Meeks, and Al Green.

Even former President Obama met with him in secret when he was a Congressman. A fact that was kept hidden until he was no longer president.

“This is the leadership of the Democratic Party,” Dershowitz said.

Rep. Carson said he has no shame in meeting with Farrakhan and said he could do it again as the anti-Semite preacher has helped black communities.

“Look, Hitler helped the communities in Germany as well. He ended unemployment, he helped inflation,” Dershowitz insisted.

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“Stalin, the same thing. Every bigot can claim to do some good,” he argued.

But if he is waiting for Democrats to do the right thing, the same Democrats who have ignored CNN anchor Jake Tapper’s demands that they denounce Farrakhan, he is going to have a long wait.

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