Tomi Lahren says Democrats ‘romanticize’ gang violence problems

The Democrats know no bounds when it comes to promoting undocumented immigrants.

Now, after a liberal group published a video literally touting MS-13 as a non-violent group of immigrants, Tomi Lahren accused the party of having a “love affair with illegal immigration.”

Wrong Priorities

Democrats have made it quite clear that their main priorities heading into midterm elections and the 2020 presidential election are undocumented immigrants.

President Donald Trump has used a significant problem directly related to undocumented immigration as a way to promote better border control.

That problem, of course, is the MS-13 gang.

The Romance with MS-13

While it is a proven fact these gang members are thugs, drug dealers, and murderers, Democrats and the liberal media have tried to portray them as normal kids.

Nothing may be more disturbing than this video that was released by Vox:

While the ending of the video does point out the violence, it is the only aspect of the video that really tells the whole story about the gang.

If you have no other prior knowledge of the gang, it would almost make you think your child coming home and saying they were a member of MS-13 was not necessarily a bad thing.

Romanticizing Violence

The twisting of the story was so bad, in fact, even Democrat strategist Robin Biro could not justify how the video presents MS-13.

Eventually, though, Mr. Biro started spewing Democrat rhetoric, but Lahren was quick to call him out.

Lahren called it right, stating: “The Democrat party has a love affair with illegal immigration, point blank, period.”

She continued: “They will do whatever it takes to romanticize and to whitewash gangs like MS-13.”

Lahren was no doubt making reference to a Nancy Pelosi comment earlier this year when she invoked her faith to put a positive spin on MS-13.

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The fact is these people are thugs — “animals” as the president put it — and many of them are exploiting our lack of border security for various nefarious reasons.

Rest assured, they are not nice kids riding bikes, as liberals would love to have us believe.

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