Democrats have officially requested a delay in Kavanaugh’s hearing for the Supreme Court

The move by Democrats everyone has been expecting has finally been made.

Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee have formally requested a delay for the confirmation hearing of Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

Knew It Was Coming

You just knew Democrats were looking for any reason possible to delay Kavanaugh’s confirmation.

The moment Cohen’s plea was announced, they got the reason they needed.

According to Democrats, the Cohen plea along with the Manafort conviction prove a horrible lack of judgement by President Trump.

They are also pointing to the cabinet turnover during the first year of the administration.

On top of all that, Dems say Trump’s legal problems make moving forward a foolish move.

In their letter, they stated, “The lack of due diligence that candidate and President Trump has displayed in selecting advisors and judicial nominees should give every senator pause.”

Not So Fast

Republicans on the committee do not seem inclined to grant their wish, though.

First and foremost, they point to the fact President Clinton was in danger of being impeached when his Supreme Court nomination was put through.

Secondly, and more importantly, they are leaning on the strength of Kavanaugh’s record.

Judge Kavanaugh has been on the DC Circuit Court of Appeals for a dozen years.

During that time, he has authored more than 300 opinions.

Those opinions and his record, Republicans insist, are what Kavanaugh should be judged by, and nothing else.

This move by Democrats is typical of the obstructionist behavior in Washington, D.C. today.

During this administration, they have refused to do anything for their voters other than push for impeachment and try to block virtually every move made by this administration, even if it benefitted their constituents.

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Hopefully, Republicans will stick to their guns and move forward with this hearing.

Kavanaugh deserves to be judged on his record, period.

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