Sarah Sanders blasts Democrats for refusing to talk about border security

Sarah Sanders is taking off the gloves over immigration.

The Democrat posturing has gotten so bad that the press secretary was forced to call them all out for absolutely refusing to sit down to discuss a solution for immigration.

Watch below:

Nothing New

From the very first day that Donald Trump took office, it was quite clear that the Democrats had absolutely no intention of helping him further his agenda.

The sad part was there were enough anti-Trump Republicans in the Senate that they were successful.

Senators such as Jeff Flake and John McCain, both Republicans from Arizona, often held back key votes that prevented legislation that Trump supported from moving forward.

Democrats in both the House and Senate usually flat-out refused to vote on anything other than party lines for fear of party leadership repercussions.

The few that did vote for Trump policies were strongly criticized.

New Year, New Challenges

Now that the new year has arrived, Democrats hold the upper hand in the House while still having large enough numbers in the Senate to block just about any legislation the Republicans try to push through.

They now know the Republicans don’t have the power to get any type of immigration legislation through, so they are just refusing to sit down with this administration to try to work out bipartisan legislation that would actually benefit everyone.

It’s very clear the Democrats are not interested in helping Americans.

The entire party has become an obstructionist party, focusing more on the agendas of people like George Soros rather than interests of their constituents.

They continue to put the blame for the government shutdown on Trump, but they are the ones refusing to budge even an inch on the funding for the wall.

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As Sanders stated, border security means nothing to them.

They are only interested in one thing at this point, and that is in stopping Donald Trump from accomplishing anything to prevent him from winning a second term.

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