Democrats pressure Nancy Pelosi to hold impeachment vote

House Democrats are starting to get antsy on impeachment — and there is mounting pressure on Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) to do something about it.

With the Trump administration openly refusing to cooperate with their impeachment inquiry, many Democrats believe the time has come for the impeachment to come up for an official floor vote, the Washington Examiner reports.

The Time Has Come

One of the reasons cited by the Trump administration for not cooperating with the inquiry is because there has been no official vote.

Going about it this way has enabled Democrats to have the all the benefits of impeachment without actually putting their own cards on the table.

While Pelosi obviously has the support for the inquiry, does she have enough Democrats willing to go on the record for the actual removal of Trump from office?

Clearly, Pelosi is worried that she does not, so she is delaying the vote as long as possible — much to the chagrin of party members that want to see this process move forward.

Inventing Obstruction

What Democrats are really doing here seems to be slipping under the radar. On this front, Trump actually played right into their hands without knowing it. By not holding a vote, Pelosi is inviting Trump to fight back since there is no “official” impeachment.

However, now since Trump has openly defied the investigations, Pelosi and company can try to sell this as another form of obstruction of justice.

This is eerily similar to the Trump–Russia collusion investigation, where Democrats insisted that Trump obstructed justice. Trump never committed any crime, so how could he have obstructed justice?

The Democrats are simply inventing crimes for the purpose of holding investigations so they can say Trump obstructed them, then try to impeach him for it. For now, this jousting is going to go back and forth until Democrats have the guts to put their name to their claim.

Now is the time to put this to a formal vote on the floor.

Democrats cannot continue to have it both ways.

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