Democrats break with Pelosi, urge her to accept coronavirus relief deal

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has been holding coronavirus relief hostage in an apparent attempt to damage President Donald Trump going into the election.

But now, even some Democrats have called on Pelosi to accept the $1.8 trillion COVID relief deal that would see crucial aid finally reach the American people, as Fox Business reports.

It’s a sign that even Democrats know Pelosi isn’t just hurting the president; she is also hurting those in her party who are in vulnerable swing districts — and more importantly, she’s hurting suffering Americans.

Take the deal!

Indeed, Congress has failed for months to pass any meaningful COVID-19 relief legislation, as the Democrat-held House is hell-bent on making life hard for Americans in hopes the blame is pinned on Trump.

Despite this, Rep. Ro Khanna (D-CA) has urged Pelosi to accept a deal, tweeting Sunday: “People in need can’t wait until February. $1.8 trillion is significant [and more than twice the Obama stimulus… Make a deal [and] put the ball in [Mitch] McConnell[‘s] court.”

Businessman and former Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang also told Pelosi in a tweet to “put politics aside,” because “people are hurting.”

The situation is getting so out of hand for Democrats that even CNN’s Wolf Blitzer is asking hard questions. Blitzer interviewed Pelosi on Tuesday and pressed her repeatedly on why she turned down the deal, as Fox News reported.

This prompted Pelosi to accuse Blitzer of being a shill for Republicans. “What I say to you is, I don’t know why you’re always an apologist, and many of your colleagues are apologists for the Republican position,” she said, according to Fox.

Politics over people

Pelosi’s stance is clear with the election swiftly approaching. To her, politics are more important than the people who are suffering the economic fallout from the coronavirus lockdowns.

Her final response to Blitzer’s questions should tell Americans all they need to know. “With all due respect,” she said to the journalist, “you really don’t know what you’re talking about. So do a service to the issue and have some level of respect for the people who have worked on these issues, written the bill, to begin with.”

With all due respect, Speaker Pelosi, Americans are suffering and needed relief this time yesterday. But Pelosi would rather sacrifice the American people than risk giving Trump a win.

In doing so, she’s abandoning her duty to serve the American public. It’s past time for her constituents to send Pelosi packing.

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