Democrats launch scheme to 'bully' broadcasters into wokeness

 February 26, 2024

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

Joe Biden's administration has put a significant focus, while in the White House, on diversity. There are agendas involved, such as "DEI," or diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Derided by critics as a "wokeness" ideology, it nonetheless has impacted government, business, and academia.

Now his political party is insisting on collecting information about the race and sex of American broadcasters, And then turning that over to activists who would use it to "bully" broadcasting corporations.

The details – and condemnation of the plan – comes in a house editorial from the Washington Examiner.

"Should every employer in the United States be forced to report the race and gender of their employees to the federal government, and then should the federal government post that information publicly?" the commentary wonders.

It points out that Democrats Joe Biden appointed to the Federal Communications Commission are demanding just that, for television and radio employers.

"Last week, the FCC voted 3-2 on party lines to issue a new order forcing all television and radio stations to submit a form annually to the agency identifying the race and gender of employees. Although these data are allowed to be collected by law, the FCC has not required broadcasters to submit it for the past 20 years. No one disputes that over that time, the broadcast industry has become more diverse."

Now, the FCC is not only demanding that information but "intends" to make it public, "identifying employees by name."

"The FCC justifies this by claiming it will allow 'third-party testing of the accuracy' of the information submitted. However, the FCC does not say how third parties will verify the data. It also claims posting data on specific stations is necessary to bolster 'our ability to conduct analyses of trends across different communications sectors.' This is a non sequitur. The FCC can analyze the data without making them public."

The Examiner revealed the "real reason" for the campaign: That would be to "help third parties bully and harass employers whose hiring they deem insufficiently diverse. Activist groups boast that this is what they would do with the data."

Republican FCC Commissioner Brandon Carr warned, "The record makes clear that the FCC is choosing to publish these scorecards for one and only one reason: to ensure that individual businesses are targeted and pressured into making decisions based on race and gender."

The commentary did note that federal courts already have killed two similar "FCC schemes" to help activists pressure employers, and said the new order also will be "struck down."

That does not, however, "excuse the Biden administration for again using the immense power of the federal government to divide the nation by race. When he was elected, Biden promised to be 'a president who seeks not to divide, but unify.' Forcing employers to divide and count staff by race and then publicly posting those data can only lead to mistrust and division."

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