Democrats want impeachment, but where’s Schiff’s evidence?

Representative Adam Schiff, who is the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, is singlehandedly destroying his own impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump.

“Shifty” Schiff would like everyone to believe he’s collecting bombshell evidence against Trump. But since he won’t release it, we have to wonder: does it even exist? We’ve been here before.

Secret testimonies

Schiff, with the backing of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, is refusing to release witness transcripts from his closed-door impeachment hearings. The only things that have leaked are tiny crumbs that Democrats are purposely using to portray Trump in the worst way.

The Democrats are trying to sway public opinion in their favor by controlling the information.

If you asked Schiff, he would say there are countless piles of evidence condemning Trump.

So why keep it locked away from the public? It is obvious to anyone that the minute the evidence comes out, the Democrat impeachment inquiry would be exposed.

What really appears to be happening is that the Democrats are trying to remove a democratically-elected president through secret proceedings. If there is no real evidence against Trump, this is an attempt to overthrow the presidency.

The public needs to know the facts and judge for themselves. If that does not happen and Democrats continue to obstruct, they need to be held accountable for conspiracy to subvert our nation.

This is a historic moment

The impeachment of a sitting president is something that should almost never happen.

Impeachment is a serious measure of last resort meant to deal with real issues. It is a tool that should never be abused for political purposes.

At this point, the Democrat’s stubborn lack of transparency suggests that they are abusing this inquiry to achieve a political goal. This has nothing to do with Trump doing anything wrong. This has everything to do with revenge.

The Democrats hate Trump with every fiber of their being and have been open about their willingness to remove him by any means necessary. Until proven otherwise, this needs to be treated as a threat to our Republic and our laws.

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