Democrats could use impeachment of Brett Kavanaugh as 2020 campaign issue

Following a contentious Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, as well as the announcement of a limited FBI probe into the allegations against him, it appears as though Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh will ultimately be confirmed to the high court within the next week.

Having failed to derail Kavanaugh’s nomination over ideological and legal issues, as well as a series of last-minute smears of sexual misconduct, reports indicate Democrats have not given up their interminable fight against Kavanaugh and intend to try and impeach him after he gets confirmed.

Axios reported that there are already rumblings among Democrat operatives that an impeachment effort against Kavanaugh could be used as a campaign issue to drive liberal voters to the polls in the 2020 election, not to mention remove the judicially conservative jurist from the bench.

Impeachment of Kavanaugh

It has grown increasingly apparent to both Democrats and Republicans that, barring anything else major — and verifiable — that may arise over the next week, Kavanaugh will soon take up a seat on the Supreme Court bench as the next justice of the high court.

The vast majority of Democrats were opposed to Kavanaugh’s nomination prior to his name even being announced, and they are no doubt stinging over their failure to prevent his confirmation.

Indeed, a Democrat adviser aligned with Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey Ford told Axios in an email that “Democrats tonight are depleted, raw, furious, and churning,” in the aftermath of Thursday’s hearing.

With all other efforts to stop Kavanaugh having failed miserably, it appears the only remedy left to keep him from shifting the balance of the Supreme Court long-term will be to rapidly remove him from the bench within the next couple of years.

Axios seemed to imply that impeachment of Kavanaugh was a near certainty, as a “well-known Democratic strategist” informed the outlet that the “only question is who calls for it first.”

Double-edged sword

While Democrats could certainly use talk of impeaching Kavanaugh to rally their base and get out the vote ahead of 2018 and 2020 elections, that sword obviously cuts both ways.

Axios noted that “top Republicans” fully expect that President Donald Trump will make great use of the Democrat intentions to impeach him — as well as Kavanaugh, now — as a tool to motivate his own base of conservative and Republican voters in the 2018 and 2020 elections.

As per a “veteran Republican” said to be close to both the White House and Senate leadership, “Impeachment of Trump and Kav will be an animating issue on both sides.”
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The fact that Democrat operatives are already discussing plans to try and impeach Kavanaugh shows that they know they’ve lost the battle to keep him off the Supreme Court. It is now more important than ever that voters keep Republicans in control of Congress, lest they want to see the left’s divisive efforts to remove a sitting Supreme Court justice and president essentially grind everything else to a halt over the next few years.

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