Video: Democrats have ignored Michelle Obama’s ‘go high’ advice

During the 2016 election, when many Democrats and media figures were aghast over then-candidate Donald Trump’s blunt rhetoric and coarse language, then-first lady Michelle Obama famously advised at the Democratic National Convention that, with regard to Trump and Republicans, “When they go low, we go high.”

While that phrase has been repeated ad nauseam since then, in practice the “take the high road” advice offered up by Michelle Obama has been all but abandoned by the left. In fact, Democrats seem to be splitting up with the Obama family entirely, choosing instead, a different approach to political strategy.

Democrats Go Low

The Daily Caller proved that Obama’s advice to Democrats and the media to “go high” in response to Trump has essentially been ignored.

They just published a brief video that pulled together just a tiny sampling of all of the various insults, nicknames, and downright explicit slurs and smears that have been hurled at Trump over the past couple of years.

The video began with Obama’s advice to take the high road but was immediately followed by former Attorney General Eric Holder directly contradicting that advice. Holder is shown saying, “Ya know, when they go low, we go high? No, no. When they go low, we kick ’em.”

Next was a clip of socialist New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio proudly stating that he would continue to call the president “Con Don, because that’s what he deserves to be called. He’s a conman.”

Insults and Smears

There was a clip of Democratic California Sen. Kamala Harris laughing and replying “Well said” after a supporter referred to President Trump as “mentally retarded.”

Also included were numerous clips of various individuals calling Trump a white nationalist, a white supremacist, and a racist.

The video showed how Trump had also been referred to as an “idiot,” an “animal,” “stupid,” a “piece of sh**,” and, of course, the moment when Michigan Rep. Rashida Tlaib shouted, “We’re gonna impeach the mother f***er!”

Trump was called a “pathological liar” by Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, while Illinois Sen. Tammy Duckworth tweeted that “Cadet Bone Spurs” had a history of acting inappropriately with women.

You can watch it all right here: (Caution: Some explicit language.)

Michelle Obama urged her fellow Democrats to not stoop to Trump’s “low” level and engage in the sort of insults and vitriol that the left decried, but that is exactly what the left has gleefully done over the past three years since she made that famous remark, suggesting that the left is done listening to the Obamas.

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