Democrats go on a winning streak amid Biden’s absence

New York Post columnist Michael Goodwin believes that less President Joe Biden is “just fine” with the Democrats, noting that “the less they see of [him], the more they like him.” 

It certainly does seem to be that way.

Biden’s original basement strategy

During the 2020 presidential election, the reader may remember that Biden didn’t do much campaigning. Rather, he seemed to spend most of the campaign season at home away from the cameras, which many referred to as Biden’s basement strategy.

Biden ended up winning the 2020 election, and, as president, he enjoyed relatively high approval ratings for some time. Then, however, Biden returned to the spotlight and things went downhill in a hurry.

In fact, they have been going downhill ever since, until just recently.

Biden’s basement strategy 2.0

In July, Biden contracted COVID, which forced him into isolation. In a sense, it was a return to the basement for Biden.

Biden briefly emerged after it appeared that he had overcome the illness. But, he was sent back into isolation after it was discovered that he had a rebound case of COVID.

He has been in isolation ever since, and, all of a sudden, the Democrats have been succeeding. There is the recent strong jobs report, the assassination of al-Qaeda’s leader, the passage of the so-called Inflation Reduction Act, and more. Biden even managed to score above 40% on an approval poll, which is a rare feat for him these days.

It works

This is what Goodwin is referring to in his piece, namely, that when Biden goes to the basement good things seem to happen for himself and his fellow Democrats.

The strategy, in fact, seems to work so well that the Democrats are probably currently trying to figure out a way to keep Biden in the basement for as long as possible – at least through the midterm elections, where many see Biden as little more than a liability.

Recent reporting has made it abundantly clear that the Democrats – both everyday Americans and party insiders – are looking to do away with Biden in 2024. The big question is what to do with Biden over the next two years – surely they just can’t keep him in the basement forever.

We’ll have to see what the Democrats come up with.

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