Democrats use Bush Sr.-era policy to go after Bill Barr: Report

Democrats are relentless when they want to try to shred someone’s reputation.

To that point, two Democrat senators are now attempting to drum up charges against Attorney General William “Bill” Barr, according to The New York Times, by targeting a program approved by Barr during the Bush Sr. administration and continued on through the Obama administrations.

The call records program

During the George H.W. Bush administration, then-AG Barr approved a program that enabled a mass sweep-up of phone records.

The program was reportedly put in place to help prevent narcotics trafficking in 1992. Over the course of the following three administrations — including the Obama administration — the program was continued and expanded.

In 2013, however, Obama Attorney General Eric Holder preemptively ended the program after Edward Snowden blew the whistle on the similar NSA phone records surveillance program, a leak that prompted a national outcry.

27 years later…

Since all other efforts to destroy Barr have failed so far, these Democrat senators now want to bring a case against Barr for his role in the launching of the program.

Sens. Ron Wyden (D-OR) and Patrick Leahy (D-VT) are accusing Barr of approving “an illegal, bulk surveillance program,” and are asking the inspector general to launch an investigation into Barr’s role in the policy.

The senators’ complaint stated: “Mr. Barr’s authorization of this sweeping surveillance program without requiring, at minimum, an appropriate legal analysis, was not consistent with his oath to support and defend the Constitution and it likely amounted to professional misconduct.”

Remember, this was a policy that was approved 27 years ago, that ended almost seven years ago, and that has been known to the public since 2015. Why, suddenly, is Barr taking heat for the issue when it has long been resolved?

This is just a new plan from Democrats to take out William Barr, a man who has aggressively pushed back against the bogus allegations against Trump and has personally opposed the Democrat impeachment effort — which is what this is really all about.

Barr has proven to be a major asset to Trump simply for doing his job.

He is a massive obstruction for Democrats — so they want to take him out by any means necessary.

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