Dan Bongino: Democrats are abandoning ‘nonstop gaffe-fest’ Nancy Pelosi

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is experiencing growing dissension within the ranks of her party as dozens of House candidates, incumbents, and nominees have publicly stated they won’t support her continued role in the party’s leadership.

President Donald Trump even weighed in on the increasing internal opposition to Pelosi, with a rather snarky tweet that sparked a conversation on Saturday’s Fox & Friends among the co-hosts and their guest, conservative commentator Dan Bongino, who, in line with the president, told viewers: “We love Nancy Pelosi, she’s the gift that keeps on giving. I mean, she’s a nonstop gaffe-fest.”

Trump tweeted on Friday:

Nonstop gaffe-fest

In response to Trump’s tweet, Bongino made his own observations about Pelosi and her future.

“Listen, I ran for office and people say things sometimes you wish you could take back, everybody does that,” he said. “The thing with Pelosi is, she seems to never say anything right.”

Bongino went on to rattle off several examples of major gaffes by Pelosi that have been used by Republicans to their own advantage, such as dismissing the tax cuts as “crumbs,” her inexplicable defense of MS-13 gang members, and the “oldie but goodie” about Obamacare, when she had said Congress needed to first pass the bill in order to find out what was in it.

She’s in real trouble

Asked specifically about the opposition Pelosi is facing from the younger generation of rising Democrats in the party, Bongino stated: “From a tactical perspective, we can’t deny the obvious.

“She has been effective at raising money,” she said, “and she did marshal through Obamacare, so she can whip votes and she can raise money, which is the primary goal of a leader of the party.”

“The problem she has now is some of the more moderate candidates don’t like her because they think she is too left, and some of the far-left candidates think she’s not left enough,” Bongino explained. “She’s in real trouble.”

Watch for yourself:

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Nancy Pelosi has been at the helm of the Democrat Party for many years now, and while she does have several accomplishments she can be proud of, she has also overseen devastating losses to her party’s grip on power and provided innumerable gaffes that have helped Republicans succeed in seizing that power.

It remains to be seen if House Democrats will ultimately push Pelosi from her powerful position or remain under her guidance. And while most Republicans wouldn’t be too sorry to see her go, it’d be a lie to say we won’t miss her gaffes, which can be used so effectively against her.

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