Democrats flip after President Trump compares Melania Trump to Jackie O

While discussing the plans for the “new” Air Force One paint scheme, President Trump managed to throw Dems into a bit of a tizzy with a beautiful confession about his wife, Melania.

When President Trump hinted this generation has its own Jackie O. in the form of Melania Trump, social media just about disintegrated with protests from liberals and Democrats.

Change the Paint

Dems are not happy with the fact Trump wants to replace the baby blue paint job with a more patriotic and bold red, white, and blue to reflect the colors of the flag.

Trump compared the paint scheme to a color Jackie Kennedy was very fond of, but stated, “The baby blue doesn’t fit with us, and people get used to something.

“And it was Jackie O. and that’s good. But we have our own Jackie O. today. It’s called Melania. We’ll call it Melania T.”

The President went on to state while Melania has done an exceptional job as First Lady, she never seems to get any credit for it.

Always Picking

Trump was being kind to the press, to say the least.

Melania Trump, unlike other First Ladies, is rarely given the benefit of the doubt by the liberal mainstream media.

They even find fault with her footwear. Melania likes heels, and when she wore them off the plane to visit hurricane-devastated areas, the press went nuts.

They seemed to miss the wardrobe change when Melania changed out her heels for sneakers when they were actually touring the sites, though.

Just like they have rallied to defend their president, Trump supporters also have stepped up to defend Melania with everything they have.

Wherever she goes, there are sometimes more signs expressing love and appreciation for her than there are for Donald Trump!

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