Democrats flip position on Twitter after Musk takes over

Conservative actor James Woods told Fox News‘s Tucker Carlson on Friday that Democrats are being hypocritical by flipping their position on Twitter now that Elon Musk owns it.

Woods stated, “Back when they had the power on Twitter, the Democrats were happy to say, well, it’s a private site. It’s not like it’s a town square, they can say whatever they want. But they’re not saying it now that Elon Musk owns it.”

While Democrats have definitely flipped their position on Twitter, they have done so in a way that is actually consistent with their true beliefs.

To Democrats, free speech is good as long as it agrees with what they believe and think. They don’t even seem to be able to see any more that conditional free speech is actually not free speech at all.

Town square

Woods addresses this point, saying that Twitter “was, in fact, the town square. It was, in fact, a forum for free speech. And if you have a town square where only some people are allowed to use it, then you don’t really have a free country.”

Twitter is a private company, but the U.S. needs to come to grips with the fact that Twitter and other social media companies have a large part in controlling what people can say publicly.

When a giant social media company restricts someone’s free speech in ways that are not constitutional, it can have huge consequences–even influence elections.

The last two elections in 2020 and 2022 were both impacted by censorship of one side of the political aisle on major social media platforms. This should be enough for the government to step in and regulate these companies.

Fly in the ointment

If it were their preferred side being censored, you’d better believe the media would be shouting day and night for regulation.

As long as it benefits their agenda, however, they are happy to let it go on.

This is why Elon Musk has become a huge fly in their ointment, and why they want desperately to take him down.

Musk ruined their Big Tech monopoly, and they will do anything they can now to discredit him and destroy Twitter.

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