Democrats fail to garner support for impeachment in battleground states

In a stunning defeat for Democrats, public support for impeachment has begun to dissipate in key battleground states, according to Axios.

President Donald Trump must be having quite a laugh watching Democrats destroy their candidates’ chances in 2020. Just like many predicted, the Democrats are self-immolating over the impeachment issue.

Battleground states turn against impeachment

The mainstream media establishment has done its best to run interference for the Democratic Party, but it isn’t enough. People are fed up. In the critical battleground states of Arizona, Florida, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, opposition to impeachment and removal of Trump from office sat between 51% and 53% in October.

Nationally, there hasn’t been a huge shift in polls. However, when looking at the states that matter when election time comes around, there is solid opposition to impeachment, according to Breitbart.

States like Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin were crucial to Trump’s success in 2016. Winning those states allowed him to defeat Hillary Clinton in unprecedented fashion.

Additionally, independent voters — another key demographic — are not excited about impeachment, and since the public hearings began, support for the Democrat cause has crashed, according to FiveThirtyEight.

To put this all in perspective, Democrats for the last three months have been pushing to impeach President Trump. The media has saturated the news cycle with Democrat “bombshells,” but many American voters aren’t buying it.

Instead of shifting support in favor of impeachment, people have had enough and are voicing their opposition to the entire charade.

Trump’s approval untouched

President Trump has weathered the storm that Democrats and the liberal media have created. According to Rasmussen, widely seen as one of the most reliably accurate polling outfits, Trump holds a higher approval rating than President Barack Obama had at the same point in his presidency.

With the media firepower the Democrats have at their fingertips,  you would think they could at least damage Trump’s approval rating, but they couldn’t even manage that.

Democrats and the media are out of touch with the blue-collar Americans who will decide which candidate ends up in the White House next year. Hillary Clinton also chose to ignore the importance of these voters, instead calling them a “basket of deplorables” — and we all saw what happened to her.

Democrats seem to be charging ahead with the same strategy despite its continued failure. Come to think of it, isn’t that the definition of insanity?

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