Coalition of 25 House Democrats demand removal of Trump staffer

More than two dozen Jewish Democrats just sent a letter to the White House demanding the removal of White House adviser Stephen Miller from his post on the grounds that he is a white supremacist.

Miller has been targeted by the group because of accusations leveled against him by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

2016 repeat

During the 2016 election, the white supremacist accusations started to surface against President Donald Trump and many of his allies.

It got to the point the media was breaking down every gesture and every word by Trump. If he made an OK sign while talking, it must have been a sign to his racist buddies that white supremacists were in charge.’

The media was literally cherry-picking words and even images to match them up with racist “dog-whistling.” This has gone on from the beginning and continues to go on today.

Accuse the staff too

Since Democrats have been unable to get people to believe their accusations against Trump, they are now going after members of his staff.

The one staffer the media has been focused on for some time is Stephen Miller, who is Jewish. Democrats paint him as a self-deprecating Jew who is racist against his own.

These allegations come from emails obtained by the SPLC, showing articles that were forwarded by Miller to a former Breitbart reporter, some of which were from publications that were known to be popular among white supremacists.

In the letter sent to the White House, the 25 Jewish Representatives claimed that “his documented support for white nationalist and virulently anti-immigrant troops is wholly unacceptable and disqualifying for a government employee.”

“As Jewish members of Congress, we are calling on you to immediately relieve White House Senior Advisor Steven Miller of all government responsibilities and dismiss him from your Administration.”

It is almost as though it is the Steele dossier all over again. Miller has been fairly quiet about all of this, but he recently spoke out about the accusations with Fox News’ Trish Regan…

This is the desperation of the Democrat party — accusing a Jewish man of being an anti-Semite simply because he works for Donald J. Trump.

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