Democrats demand Attorney General William Barr’s resignation

Robert Mueller’s cowardice in not making a definitive call on obstruction has resulted in severe criticism for new Attorney General William Barr.

Several high-profile Democrats have now demanded Barr’s resignation, including Rep. Eric Swalwell (CA).

Time for Goodbye?

Because Mueller did not make a call on obstruction, that was left in the hands of the attorney general.

After reading the report, as well as getting further clarification from the White House on some ambiguous issues in it, Barr stated clearly that there was no obstruction of justice by President Trump.

Since he ruled in Trump’s favor, Democrats are now attacking Barr at every opportunity.

“[Barr] has proved that he’s an embedded Trump ally who puts this President’s political future above of [sic] the rule of law,” Swalwell said. “That makes him unfit to serve. He must resign.”

Political Theater

While Swalwell was the first Democrat to officially call for the resignation of Barr, he surely will not be the last.

Sen. Chuck Schumer as well as Reps. Nancy Pelosi and Jerry Nadler have already issued scathing rebukes against Barr on Twitter.

Every Democrat in office right now is determined to ruin Barr’s career because he did what he is being paid to do — and what Mueller should have done.

Barr looked at the facts, looked at intent, and looked at the report to make his conclusion.

What Democrats are now doing is reminiscent of ancient times when actors would report the happenings in the Senate in skits with a narrative to put their own twist on things.

Barr has done nothing wrong. All he did was redact classified information protected by law and make the decision Mueller was too cowardly to make.

For that, Democrats want his head on a stake.

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