Senate Democrats demand Barr recuse himself from Ukraine investigation

Democrats are doing everything in their power to assign the appearance of impropriety to the Trump administration.

To that point, William Barr has been ordered by Senate Judiciary Democrats in a letter to recuse himself from anything related to the Ukraine investigation.

Not Likely to Happen

While Democrats would love to see Barr step down, that is not likely to happen. Barr was reportedly livid when his name was even brought up during the phone call.

The Attorney General has already gone on record to say he knew nothing about the goings-on regarding Ukraine, so it is very unlikely he will even consider recusing himself on this matter.

The Counterattack

More than likely, this letter is a way for anti-Trump Democrats to try to flip the narrative on a recent blow received from the DOJ.  This week, it was announced the investigation being conducted by U.S. Attorney Durham into the origins of the Russian collusion investigation is now a criminal matter.

When you add that to the petition filed by General Flynn’s attorney to have his charges dismissed, the Democrat party is reeling right now.

In the investigation of the origins of the Russian collusion investigation, many have already speculated highly placed members of the Obama administration are going to be in need of legal services, possibly even former president Barack Obama.

Regarding the Flynn case, it now appears as though the FBI orchestrated the case against Flynn to ensure they could indict him on lying.

One of the more damaging revelations that came from that case is how FBI agents changed their 302 forms to make it look like Flynn was lying even though agents were on the record saying they believed that Flynn thought he was telling the truth.

The more evidence that is revealed in this case, the more it looks like there really was a Deep State working to undermine Trump and it has its roots deep inside the Democrat party and the administration of Barack Obama.

Joe Biden could very easily get caught in this net, as he surely knew of these tactics, especially in the Russian collusion investigation.

Barr stated he was going to go wherever the facts led him when he took over as Attorney General and now Democrats want him out of the equation as they fear he could take down their party as well as their main candidate, Joe Biden.

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